Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I install the water/shower filter myself?

A: We recommend installation by one of our licensed and insured technician. The installation is guaranteed for one year. In the event of a leak, we will send a technician to your home at no additional charge if you are enrolled in our Automatic Filter Replacement Program and Maintenance Agreement.  Our installers are professional, courteous, and licensed.  They are quite familiar with our products and can complete an installation in any home.

Q: I gave a deposit for my order and haven’t received my products?

A: Additional information may be required to process the order. Please contact our office during our normal business hours for further information and our sales administration staff can update you on your order status.  You may do so at 973.748.5076 ext.312

Q: How can I exchange my product for something else?

A: Exchanges are permitted, providing the product is in its original packaging, hasn’t been used, and a 20% restocking fee is paid to Ultra Pure.  You can take advantage of our no hassle exchange program in which our customer service staff will assist you in such things as validating an exchange or receiving a UPS shipping label if eligible. Please contact us at 973.748.5076 ext. 314.

Q: How can I upgrade my product for a newer model?

A: Because all of our products offer a lifetime hazard warranty, we are constantly improving our products in terms of technology and performance. Therefore, an upgrade is available to any product for only 1/3 of its current retail price.  Contact your consultant for more information or our customer service department at 973.748.5076 ext. 314

Q: How do I cancel automatic cartridge replacements?

A: Ultra Pure does not accept verbal agreements or verbal cancellations.  All agreements and/or cancellations must be submitted in writing and received and accepted by the company.  All cancellations received will go towards future shipments.  You may not cancel in the middle of your annual term.  Written cancellations within 30 days of previous term expiring will be honored. You may fax your cancellation to (973) 748-1443 attention to Customer Service Department.  Please keep the receipt of transmission for your records.

Q: How can I schedule a service to have someone come to my home and help me with my products?

A: Contact customer service to schedule an appointment. One of our representatives will try to pinpoint the issue and assist with the problem over the phone. If you are still experiecing a problem, we will send out your information to a local sales representative and they will contact you to set up a time for service. If the issue requires our technician, you will be subject to a $70/hour + tax flat rate. Customers on our AFR program will receive 50% off of all service and maintanence charges, and parts.  Please contact customer service department at 973.748.5076 ext. 314 for more information.

Q: How do I cancel my order?

A: We accept written cancellations within 3 business days of your order date.  You may find the order date at the top of your sales order ticket receipt.  To cancel your order simply sign the cancellation area on the back of your receipt and mail to our location or fax your cancellation to us at 973-748-1443 attention Sales Administration.  Please keep receipt of fax transmission for your records.  Please note if mailing your cancellation it must be postmarked by the third business day from the date of your order. NO VERBAL CANCELLATIONS are accepted.

Q: My product isn’t working. How can I get help?

A: Contact customer service for assistance in troubleshooting the problem and for further directions at 973.748.5076 ext. 314.

Q: What is your return policy?

A:  Once your cancellation period has expired, you will be eligible for our exchange program only.

Q: Can I give my product to the sales representative?

A:  Ultra Pure does not allow our sales representatives to remove merchandise from your home. UPS/Fed Ex are the only authorized personnel to remove products from your home.  Our friendly customer service staff can assist you in making the arrangements.

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