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  • " We purchased the 750 Whole House Unit about a month ago & it is one of the best decisions we have ever made for our home/ family. My daughter was suffering from skin irritations every time she took a shower or bath & that no longer happens. Our dishwasher and washer machine are functioning much better( cleaner) , and limescale/,mineral deposits are no longer forming on our fixtures in the bathrooms!! In addition , the water taste like its coming right out of a natural spring. Unbelievable!! Also , we feel very safe knowing that our food isn't being exposed to chemicals when we cook. We eat organic whenever we can and we NEVER thought about the fact that cooking with contaminated water, basically negates our efforts. Service is exceptional as well"

    Anthony P.
    Anthony P.Secaucus, NJ
  • " I bought a 15" kitchen filter and a shower filter. Since our purchase me and my family have not had to worry about buying water bottles. We have plenty of water for all our needs and the shower filter made everyone in the family healthier and smoother skin. "

    Irma Rosario
    Irma RosarioFort Lee, NJ
  • " I have been with Ultra Pure for years and I really love all the products i have purchased.I enjoy every minute of each and the people are great. Thank you so much! "

    Gladys Valentin
    Gladys ValentinNewark, NJ
  • The students and staff members at Ridgefield Park Jr/Sr High School certainly enjoy the Ultra Pure hydration stations which have been installed in our school!  The availability of water at these stations has not only provided a great convenience to our school community members throughout the day, but has afforded us the opportunity to reduce the expense and disposal requirements associated with single-use water bottles.  We additionally followed your suggestions about selling environmentally friendly, BPA-free, refillable water bottles to raise funds for various student activities.  We anticipate that over the course of the next few years we will be able to install additional hydration stations throughout our building. A hydrated student is a happy student! Very truly yours, Ridgefield Park Jr/Sr High School James Donohue, Principal

    Mr. James Donohue, Principal
    Mr. James Donohue, PrincipalRidgefield Park Jr/Sr High School
  • I purchased the kitchen and shower filters.  And, I  must say I should have bought them a LONG time ago because the water tastes SO good; And, my body feels softer and cleaner since my shower filter was installed.

    Nilda Ramos
    Nilda RamosEast Orange, NJ
  • Three weeks after starting use of my Ultra Pure water filter, my plants are thriving and my son's skin and stomach difficulties have lessened.  I applaud Leslie's persistence in contacting me.  It was one of the best decisions we made to install the Ultra Pure water filter.

    Ingrid Bernandette
    Ingrid BernandetteBelleville, NJ
  • Well I "love" the water filter!  My whole family is drinking more water and now my pets are able to have filtered water, too.  Also, ALL the money saved by not buying bottled water any more pays for the system alone.  Thank You!!!

    Lisa Carfagno Consalvo
    Lisa Carfagno ConsalvoNorth Jersey
  • I am really happy with the air purifier.  It has helped my daughter with her asthma and allergy symptoms.  It's greatly reduced her asthma attacks and eliminated the amount of times that I have to go to the hospital and emergency room.  It has been a great investment and I recommend it to everyone!

    Carlos Menjivar
    Carlos MenjivarNorth Bergen, NJ
  • To Whom It May Concern:

    In 2009 I fainted in the train station and was taken by ambulance to the hospital. I had stomach pains, fever, and vomiting. I was admitted and they ran tests to determine what was wrong with me. I was informed I had a bacterial and viral infections and parasites in my GI tract. The doctors were unable to figure out what had caused this problem. I was hospitalized for a week and was treated with 3 different antibiotics and had an endoscopy and colonoscopy. Two days after coming home from the hospital a sales representative from the company in New Jersey came to my door. He was able to test the water in my home and I was able to see how dirty the water was and how the Brita filter I was using didn’t help. I purchased your water filtration system and had it installed in the kitchen and also purchased a filter for the shower. Since I’ve been using the filters I have had no further problems with my stomach and no further medical issues with my GI tract. I also have a history of melanoma and my skin was dry and itchy. Since I started to use the filter with the water conditioner my skin has been much better. I also purchased a Hepa air filter and have had no further episodes of asthma as well. I strongly recommend your products for healthy living. Thank you. Totally grateful,

    George C.
    George C.North Jersey
  • I had both my 20" Ultra Pure faucet water filter and my shower filter installed in February 2015. My water is very crisp and tasty from the 20"; and, my shower filter is working well. Overall, they are great products and I love them!

    Jessica Soto
    Jessica SotoKeasbey, NJ
  • We bought the 20" faucet water filter and the shower system from Ultra Pure.  We were surprised by how many chemicals were found in out tap water and bottled water.  The presentation was really helpful.  We now cook with filtered water, wash our organic foods with it, and use it for our pets, as well as ourselves.  We feel a difference in our skin as well.  It doesn't feel as dry as before since the purifier has filtered out the chlorine and the water is conditioned.

    Manuel Pinho
    Manuel Pinho
  • I purchased the 20" water filtration system from Ultra Pure for the kitchen.  I also bought the shower filter for my bathroom.  Since I purchase organic fruits/vegetables, the kitchen water filter helps to keep the quality of the food fresh and 'free from chemicals'.  I also stopped buying bottled water because I saw the contaminants it contained during the water testing.  I have been drinking and cooking with fresh filtered water.  My skin feels smoother, more soft and less oily ever since I began showering with conditioned water.

    Diana Almeida Pinho
    Diana Almeida Pinho
  • Thank you Rosetta (my rep) for coming today!  We are so enjoying your Ultra Pure filtration system and the quality water from it!  Thanks for your follow up...take care!

    Tommaso Rulli
    Tommaso RulliM.T.I. New York
  • I got the 20" Ultra Pure water filter installed the beginning of March and I couldn't be more pleased with it.  It's so convenient especially having kids.  It's very easy for them to help themselves and knowing what they are drinking 'is all pure', is very satisfying. I do and will continue to recommend Ultra Pure!

    Jodi Andrade
    Jodi AndradeDenville, NJ
  • I have the 15" Ultra Pure water filtration system and I am very happy with the taste.  It saves me money on buying bottled water!

    Ben Baldino
    Ben BaldinoLodi, NJ
  • I had the 550 whole house water filtration system and 20" point of use filter installed about a month and a half ago, due to an eye opening water test regarding the quality of water we ingest daily.  I decided to go with both filters and can immediately taste the difference. I have no doubt it was the right decision.  On a side note, Joe (my rep) has been following up with me to make sure the product works, as promised, by testing the water again.  The results are optimal! It is welcoming to see that he cares that we are satisfied.  Thank you!

    Hector Ramos
    Hector RamosTotowa, NJ
  • We are SO very happy to be drinking, cooking, and rinsing our fruits and vegetables with purified and fresh water.  We no longer have to buy bottled water and the purified water tastes great!  We are also happy with our Whole House water filtration system.  What a difference in our skin and everything in cleaner.  I have been so worried about the water quality since my granddaughter was born almost 11 years ago.  I am very happy I found a lifetime solution!

    Marcela Davila
    Marcela DavilaBelleville, NJ
  • We are happy and confident we are cooking and drinking with purified, healthy water since we invested in our water filter since March 2013.  We no longer have to buy bottled water which saves the environment and the water tastes great!  Thank you Leslie (my rep) for testing our water and making us realize how high the chlorine level was, which we were cooking and rinsing our fruits and vegetables.  It made our decision easy to invest in a solution.

    Bertha Martinez
    Bertha MartinezBloomfield, NJ
  • I really like the Ultra Pure water filter because the water tastes very, very fresh and clean....saving me from having to buy bottled water!  That makes my family very happy : )  They also LOVE it!  So do all of my kittens!  It saves us all from getting harmful disease.  Thank you Ultra Pure!  Thank you Leslie!

    Marie Gonnella
    Marie GonnellaBelleville, NJ
  • Leslie (my rep), thank you for introducing us to this life-changing purifier/filter.  Tap water never tasted so good!  We no longer have to buy BPA plastic tasting bottled water, which is nutrient deprived.  We weren't big water drinkers until our water was tested by our water testing technician, Leslie.  Lastly, the water is healthier for our child.  We no longer have to worry about eating and drinking pesticide-filled water since April 2014.  We highly recommend everyone get their water tested by Leslie of Ultra Pure.

    John & Dara Moscaritola
    John & Dara MoscaritolaNutley, NJ
  • Thank you Leslie (my rep) for testing our water in March 2013.  We didn't realize how much chlorine was in the water we were cooking with. Now that we have the purified, filtered water, we are using it for 'everything'...cooking, drinking, and washing fruits & veggies. We never used filtered water for cooking before. We are saving SO much money not having to buy bottled water.  The water tastes great, less recycling and saving the environment.  We needed an air purifier for our mildew-ridden basement.  We tried several ways to get rid of mildew smell in clothes by washing, dry cleaning & using sprays.  Nothing worked!  The clothes were hung in the basement with our new compact air purifier with the deodorizer feature 'on'.  The mildew/mold smell on the clothes, as well as in the basement, was completely gone.  Thank you for making a difference in our health & well being!

    Dina Bocchino & Mike Ifursen
    Dina Bocchino & Mike IfursenNutley, NJ
  • Overall, I'm very satisfied with the product.  The water tastes very good and several visitors & patients have commented on how "fresh & clear" our water tastes : )  Looking forward for some courteous business with the company.

    Sansay Batta M.D.
    Sansay Batta M.D.Elizabeth, NJ
  • I have a whole house water filtration system that I absolutely love!  Everyone tells me how nice my skin looks.  I also have the under the counter purifier in my kitchen that gives me unlimited water for cooking and drinking that tastes great!  I recommend that everyone gets a filtration system through Ultra Pure!

    Cecilia Pasha
    Cecilia PashaNJ
  • I just want to thank you so much for the air and water purifier!  I love them!  The air purifier allows me to sleep in such contentment--no allergies, no stuffiness...just pure soft intake of sweet air : )  I can't thank you enough for the water purifier that makes my skin clean & pretty...love it!

    Zelpha Davis
    Zelpha DavisJersey City, NJ
  • I've had the water filter since 2005 and have saved a lot of  money not buying bottles water.  My children grew up with the filter...not only drinking but cooking with filtered water, as well.  The convenience of having purified water at home is great and I would recommend to anyone for their own home!

    Rodrigo Cano
    Rodrigo Cano
  • Just a note to say how happy we are with our new system.  The presentation was very informative and later the installation was well done and simple.  Our coffee, drinking water, ice cubes has better taste and thus better for us.  Danny's visit was well worth it and we are happy to have this water filtration system in our home.  Great job! Thank you.

    Kenneth J. and Karen T.
    Kenneth J. and Karen T.Toms River, NJ
  • I'm very pleased with the water filter we purchased 8 years ago.  It is so pleasant to drink water knowing that it has no chlorine in it and no bacteria coming from the rusty pipes.  We recently bought the Ultra Pure whole house filtration system.  We are very impressed how much money you could save during the years.  Thank you Irene for introducing such wonderful products.  And, by the way, we also bought the air purifier many years ago because my children were allergic to everything....still working very efficiently!

    Mrs. Castlegrant
    Mrs. CastlegrantLyndhurst, NJ
  • I purchased a whole house water filtration system from Ultra Pure with Jessica.  As soon as my kids saw the amount of chlorine in our tap water and the chemicals in the bottled water I was buying, they told me right away, "Mom there is no way I ever want to drink this water again."  They didn't have to tell us twice.  I am so happy to open up my faucet and know that we are drinking purified, clean water.  Also, it was so convenient with all the detergents, soaps and disinfectants we got for 5 years for FREE!  Not every company does this!  Great product, great customer service satisfaction!  Thank you, Ultra Pure!

    Silvia Correia
    Silvia CorreiaNorth Arlington, NJ
  • Since we purchased the water filter for the kitchen and the shower filter in September 2014, we noticed a big difference.  First of all, we love the taste of the water and use it for everything.  We were horrified during the water test Leslie did for us.  We saw how much chlorine absorbed into our skin.  It is so convenient not to have to buy bottled water.  We love our shower filter and the ease of the separate shower head.....our skin is so very soft now.  Thank you Leslie for bringing us awareness about the water.  We feel healthier overall.

    Hinton & Jairy N.
    Hinton & Jairy N.Kearny, NJ
  • The company and product overall was very pleasing.  My family and I feel that our water is cleaner.  I loved how good the company worked to install the water filtration system.  My wife and I especially loved how one of your technicians, Leslie, explained how the entire process would work.  We also appreciate the lovely water containers given to us.  Overall, the company and product was great.

    Ludorie Desir
    Ludorie DesirNorthern New Jersey
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