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Everything we should ever want and need is typically found in our home. So why not make those necessities and comforts more convenient and affordable. One of those necessities is “pure” water. Why not have access to “pure” water in the convenience of our own home. Why continue to buy bottled water–it’s quality is questionable and it’s EXPENSIVE! Not to mention the waste created from all that plastic. Everytime you need water you have to go to the store. How much does that cost you? Time and money ( and your health)! Why your health? Because we typically buy bottled water for drinking only. We expose our bodies to unwanted chemicals, metals, etc. by washing fruits & vegetables, cooking and bathing in unfiltered tap water. (example…if you buy organic fruits and vegetables and wash them in unfiltered tap water, they are no longer organic. They are absorbing the chemicals & metals in the water. You have just wasted money and put your health in jeopardy). We also don’t buy enough bottled water for proper hydration. Proper hydration requires and individual drink ½ their body weight in ounces of water. Not many people do. We buy bottled water for when we are thirsty, which means we are already dehydrated. When we shower in unfiltered water for 30 minutes, we expose ourselves to large amounts of chlorine. During a hot shower, chlorine turns to chloroform (by-product of chlorine) and we breathe it in. Leaving us feel light-headed and woozy. Chlorine and chloroform are known carcinogens (cancer-causing). We will always need water for everyday living. Water can continue to cost you money OR you can choose a solution that will save you money and time. Water filtration is the lifetime solution to your water needs. It’s water at its highest quality of pureness. It’s convenient because you’ll have water for EVERYTHING…drinking, cooking, bathing, washing produce, ice, coffee/tea, pets, & plants. No more wasted time at the supermarket. No more storing bottles, no more recycling/waste, and no more damage to the planet.

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