Bad in tap water

5 Categories of Contaminants

1.Particles- sediment, rust, silt, asbestos
2.Bacteria- E. coli, Salmonella
3.Parasites- Giardia, Cryptosporidium
4.Metals- lead, arsenic, mercury, aluminum
5.Chemical- Pharmaceuticals, pesticides, ammonia, MTBE, Herbicides, Trihalomethanes, PFOA’s

“Lead is the number one environmental threat to our children. Yet the four largest New Jersey water systems reported more than 5 times the safe amount of lead in their water.”
Tom Johnson, NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) 7/13/04

Pharmaceuticals: According to Utah State University, up to 90 percent of oral drugs pass through humans unchanged. Unused drugs get dumped and move through waste water into streams and groundwater.
Joseph F. Harrison, PE, CWS-VI Water Quality Association Consumer Trends & Analysis 2008

U.S. News and World Report

Warning: Your Drinking Water May Be Dangerous

Chemicals, gasoline, wastes – they’re all contaminating the nation’s water supplies far worse than anyone expected.





The Killer Germ

It’s turning up everywhere: in your water, your food, the pool. How to protect yourself from E. Coli
“PFOA’s have been found in New Jersey water systems. PFOA’s have been called “extremely dangerous chemicals that have tremendous impacts on the public health and environment.”
Tom Hester and Brian Murray, Star Ledger 2/15/07


How much contamination is okay with you?


Ultra Pure Health Products

A Simple and Effective Lifetime Solution


– Remove 40,000-80,000 plastic bottles from landfills (every 5 years)


– Linked to Alzheimer’s disease (Municipal systems run between 40 to 170 PPB (parts per billion)


– Impairs children’s central nervous system, development & intelligence
U.S. E.P.A (Environmental Protection Agency) started a standard limit on lead NOT TO EXCEED 15 PPB. Most municipalities test above 15 ppb. Sometimes 500-600% higher


– Increases risk of skin, bladder, and lung cancer. EPA issued a report in 2001, that Arsenic as low as 3 ppb increases the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, & diabetes. Today’s standard remains at 50 ppb (16x higher than the amount known to cause cancer)

** Our Filters remove up to 98% of Heavy Metals


– Reduces IQ in children. Increases cancer & attacks the immune system
Most municipalities add 1.5 ppb of fluoride to the water

** Our Filters remove up to 97.3% of Fluoride


– Causes cancer (Almost doubles the risk of cancer)
Produces poisonous byproducts, such as THM’s (trihalomethemes)

** Our Filters remove greater than 99% of Chlorine


– Water companies were not designed to remove pharmaceuticals, particles, herbicides, level water they process.


– Toxic to infants, increases cancer in adults
From fertilizer and livestock waste

** Our Filters remove greater than 99% of Nitrates, Nitrites


– Associated with cancers, Lung Cancers and other types of Cancer
M.S. (E.P.A) Standard 7 million fibers per quart

** Our Filters remove 100% of Asbestos


– Discovered in 1992 by John Hopkins Research
They are proteins that are active water and oxygen channels in every cell in the body, which allows only pure water and oxygen into the cell.

How Do They Work?

When heavy metals are present in water the Aquaporin closes, preventing water and oxygen from entering the cell. Deficits in water and oxygen to the cell impair cell function and accelerates any associated disorders including Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Inflammation Biological accelerate aging (an individual who is 30 years of age may have organs that are 15-20 years older)

The Body was designed to function on Pure Clean Water and Oxygen.

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